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Jane has extensive knowledge and understanding of the sector. Her talent to pitch the conversations right for the individual is spot on. Jane's skill creates an environment where quickly the nitty-gritty of how she can support you with your career is identified and thus you benefit from her coaching skills immediately.

Tanya, Community Manager

"Working with Jane was amazing, she has given me so much confidence. I was hoping to gain some control over my workload and learn some techniques to help me manage my time better and prioritise tasks. I got all that, as well as a sense of direction and my motivation back"

Aleisha, Regional Manager

“Mint Decisions are a great organisation who are able to adapt to your needs and ensure you can get the best outcomes for yourself to develop. All this will lead to improvement in your career goals."

Halima, Relationship Manager

“There were things I was able to use at work almost instantly. My organisation and time management have increased massively. In my role, Jane helped to show how important it is to be 'proactive', and moved me from having a 'reactive' mindset to a proactive mindset, by making a few changes to my weekly diary." It is a really good investment due to the amount of career knowledge, management advice and industry experience that Jane can provide and I would do the programme again with Mint Decisions if given the opportunity"

Anonymous, Regional LEAD

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