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We offer packages of support for individuals and small teams based on their needs and ambitions. This ranges from one to one CEO coaching to supporting leadership teams through managing significant change. We work with organisations to get the most out of their budget and use Skype and group coaching alongside more traditional methods.

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We support leadership teams through the process of creating and implementing their strategic plans; from initial ideation through to engaging stakeholders and creating practical operation plans and review processes.


We work with HR staff  and CEOs to develop succession plans and create leadership development programmes that aim to increase stability and reduce risk in small and medium sized organisations.



When organisations are faced with challenging circumstances requiring significant change we help them find their route through and emerge stronger.


We give organisations support with the creation and delivery of community engagement programmes. We have a track record of working with Major Events or Professional Sports Teams, who want to deliver meaningful community activity alongside their core work.


There is nothing we welcome more than a challenge. If you have a problem and you are not sure who can solve it, just ask. We think more heads are always better, even if it's just to talk it though. Try Us!


Purpose Beyond Profit - We are passionate about organisations who have a purpose bigger than profit. Across the UK there are thousands of organisations working tirelessly to advocate, campaign and provide for their members and beneficiaries. Most of these don't have the resources of a big corporate company and are focussed on delivering their core goods and services. We're here to add some expertise, thought, momentum and much needed capacity to addressing wider issues of organisation development.

It's About People - People are brilliant. Especially those working in the sport and non-profit sector. So it makes sense to find ways to support them in managing the various challenges and opportunities they have. That way, they can excel in their roles and the whole sector has a thriving voluntary and paid workforce.

​Looking to the Future - We like to think we are pretty good at helping people move forwards and we love doing it. So if it's time for your team to look over the horizon then talk to us. We spend all our time on themes of organisational development; change management, succession planning and strategy so let us see if we can help you.

The Bigger Picture - Sometimes it takes an extra pair of eyes to bring everything into focus. The peple we work with are often stretched by the present and looking for someone to help them zoom outwards, in order to create new plans and strategies.


Practical Solutions - We firmly believe in real world solutions. We work with your budgets, with your existing resources and with realistic timeframes.  Our favourite thing is when we can find a better, quicker or simpler way to help you get the job done.




After 20 years creating and delivering successful change programmes in membership sports organisations and charities, Jane set up Mint Decisions to focus on supporting others to do the same.  With experience across both operations and strategy Jane is  uniquely placed to help people & organisations make changes that support their long term ambitions and deliver results.

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Mint Decisions are a small management consultancy specialising in supporting non-profit and sports organisations.

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More often than not we think many heads make better work. Mint Decisions draws on a number of freelance specialist consultants and small organisations to meet the needs of their clients. We are happy to discuss how this may work for you and your organisation at any time.

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